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A few words about myself...

Pittore contemporaneo

His passion for music and literature led him from an early age to frequent artistic and intellectual circles, allowing him to cultivate and refine his already natural artistic sensibility. In 2000, after having completed classic and law studies, he was instinctively drawn to pictorial art, soon showing particular visionary talent. Now, he lives and works in Florence (Toscana) as painter and web content editor.

The essential characteristics of his painting involve the components of depth and movement, obtained through a suggestive choice of colors and an astute use of shading, which intertwine on the canvas, suddenly separating in an astonishing explosion of color.

The artist’s intent is to directly strike the observer’s emotive imagination through the chromatic force and expressive intensity of his paintings, almost to the point of stirring him in the most profound depths of his soul. Francesco Dea ‘s artistic method reflects somewhat that of Abstract Expressionism and informal painting, translating itself, however, into a unique individual style, recognizable by its singular characteristics.